How To Keep Your Family Sane While Traveling

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It is time to pack up the suitcases and head to Grandma’s house. If your family is traveling by plane, train, or automobile you will want to keep everyone sane. Let’s face it, parents get tired, the kids get cranky, and there is often a breaking point where someone says, “We should have just stayed home!” You don’t have to be that family.

Before you pack for your family travel experience invest in a few dollar games and coloring books that are age appropriate for your kids. By keeping your kids busy during a crazy travel time, the small amount of cash you will have invested in these cheap games will be money well spent. It’s always a good idea to have special snacks packed in a carry on bag. Parents never know when one child is going to go into melt down mode and that special snack may be the perfect solution.

Portable DVD players are a must for your kids. Airports can get tiring and the hours in a car, let’s just say they can be extremely daunting. This is where you will want to break out the family friendly movies that you will have invested in. If you are battling a weather delay in an airport or train station, a family friendly movie is a great solution to keeping the whole family sane.

Family travel can be a fun experience when parents realize that the unexpected can occur at any given moment. After all, life with kids is all about the unexpected and the ever famous, “I can’t believe he/she did that!”

Your family can be the family that stays sane during family travel. Arm yourself with inexpensive games, coloring books, and family friendly movies. The memories that you make will be priceless and ones that you will want to cherish, in a good way, forever.

One family friendly movie that we’d like to recommend for travel during the crazy holiday season is The Smurfs. You and your kids will enjoy this PG rated DVD. Happy travels to you and your family. Be prepared and you and your family can keep sane during your family travel experience.


  1. Charlene Kaput says

    I always travel with my sons favorite movies, cartoons and videos. When he starts to get ancy I just pop one in and he usually relaxes and falls asleep. Thanks for the special snack reminder, I also bring his favorite blanket and special little travel pillow :).

  2. says

    I love traveling but ever since I had my baby I feared it because I haven't traveled with kids just yet. So far it is going great but now I have these ideas for when he gets older and can actually entertain himself with coloring books, etc.

  3. Juliette Lu Mariano-Carlson says

    We are a traveling family with 3 boys. The portable DVD players are the best things for long car rides. We bought one before we drove cross country from southern CA to PA and our family with a 2 year old at the time enjoyed the road trip. We never leave the house without bringing water packed in a cooler and healthy snacks.

  4. says

    Those are great ideas. I know we never had dvd players when we were young, but they are such a wonderful staple to use when going long distance. Kids get tired and it helps to have a movie they love to make the time go by faster.

  5. says

    Thanks for the traveling tips! yes, you never know when the crankiness will begin so always be prepared. My kids have their DS games in tow if we are going anywhere for more than 2 hours so they will not be bored!

  6. says

    Thank you for all of the reviews of children's movies. It is so hard to really know what they are about until you watch them. Having DVD players in cars now really help to keep the kids minds on something else when you are traveling.

  7. says

    I appreciate the tips for traveling. As the kid(s) get older, you can encourage them to become more and more independent in packing and organizing the supplies for the trip. This also helps cut down on complaints that "you forgot to bring my favorite toy (game/movie, etc)".

  8. Julie Wood says

    I really need to read about how to keep the family sane while traveling. I know that it is good to not drive too long in between stops! We went to far in between stops once and it was a disaster!

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