Music, Movies, And Kids Equals a Fun Family Night At Home

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Music is something that all kids love. Toss in a good family movie and you have a
winning combination. Parents love it when they can give a family movie a “thumbs up.”
Leap Frog: Sing and Learn With Us not only helps build confidence in kids, but it also
helps kids learn to read.

When planning a musical movie night at home, get your family in the spirit. How about
having your kids help you make some of your own Hot Cross Buns? Remember the
song and how it goes: Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns. One a penny, Two a penny. Hot
Cross buns. This is a simple tune and it also gets your kids up and moving in the

The simplest way to make your own Hot Cross Buns is to make them using any brand
of refrigerated crescent dinner rolls. Bake the rolls up and add a little bit of icing when
they are baked, and just like magic; you will have Hot Cross Buns. And, of course while
you are busy in the kitchen; you will want to sing along to Hot Cross Buns. And you
know what? If you can not carry a tune, who cares. Your kids will love the repetition of
the words and the tune you are all creating.

Once your Hot Cross Buns have cooled, pull up some comfy bean bag chairs and cozy
in for a fun family movie night. Set the cooled Hot Cross Buns on a table near your
comfy bean bag chairs, as your kids will want to enjoy them during the family friendly
movie. A glass of milk near each family member, will also be a good idea.
LeapFrog: Sing and Learn With Us offers singing, laughter, as well as reading skills. The
cool feature with this movie is that your kids will be learning and not even realizing it.
Family movies are a great way to bring music and education into your household.
Families all love a reason to be together while making new memories which contain

So, what are you waiting for? Itʼs time to break out the music, movies, and laughter.
After all, this is what a family fun movie night at home is all about.

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