What Is a Tablet & Why Have One?

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What Is a Tablet & Why Have One? Plus Idea to Keep Kids Safe OnlineA tablet is basically a small hand-held laptop that is very portable and convenient. You can surf the internet, watch movies, download learning games or apps for kids, and it can be a great homework helper, just to name a few of it’s advantages. Tablets are everywhere. If your kids are like most, they are curious and babies ipad b-w-flkrwant to know how they work. I have seen kids as young as two using tablets in a successful manner. Although, I do sometimes wonder if the parents “gave in,”or willingly purchased the tablet with the intention of their kids using it.

If you do choose to let your kids use a tablet, make sure you have set boundaries. Keep in mind, these boundaries will be different for all kids, depending on their ages. Younger kids will need to have Mom or Dad sitting with them when they use it. Older kids may need to know that once bedtime rolls around, the tablet goes in “that” drawer or special place. Tablets should not be taken to bed with kids ofany age. When parents set these boundaries, the doorways for bad things happening online are lessened.

student_ipad_school - 175Make sure your older kids know that they need to use their tablets when you are around. This will lessen the chance of your kids connecting with strangers online. Tablets are beginning to be introduced in some schools and they are great homework helps, too! Children are coming home from school younger and younger, needing to get online to use a program to supplement their homework. The more children you have in the older grades, the more difficult it is for everyone to get their homework done if they all need to get online at some time during the evening. boy hmwrk ipad-flkrHaving a tablet is a great way to have another computer with internet access for kids as the need will only become greater to get online to complete their homework. Also, introduce your kids to apps that you find appealing, fun, and educational! When you introduce a fun app to your kids,they will embrace it and want to use their tablets in a way you approve.

Tablets can also be great for viewing family friendly movies. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is a fun one that kids love viewing on tablets. Here’s a glimpse- imagine this on a tablet!

Tablets are a great experience for kids today. They offer educational tools, family entertainment and ways for kids to stay in contact with family members all across the country. Dad child bike ipad fade-flkrAnd, if you happen to be a family that travels frequently, tablets are a great traveling companion. They keep everything organized and compact.

Technology is changing quickly and our kids are embracing the change, so we parents need to embrace all these changes along with them. Do you and your kids use tablets? Has your experience been positive or negative? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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