Courageous Parent’s Guide

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Courageous Parent's Guide

Title: Courageous
Rated: PG-13 for some violence and drug content
Studio: Sony Pictures

Release date: 1/17/2012

Actors: Alex Kendrick , Kevin Downes , Ken Bevel , Ben Davies , Rusty Martin


Honor begins at home.

As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes and their partners willingly stand up to the worst the world can offer, yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood. While they consistently give their best on the job, they quickly discover that their children are beginning to drift further away from them. When tragedy hits home, these men are left with a newfound urgency to renew their faith and reach out to their own children. Will they be able to find a way to serve and protect those who are most dear to them?

Commentary with the Kendrick Brothers
The Making Of Courageous
Deleted Scenes
Outrageous: Outtakes and Bloopers
Courageous In 60 Seconds
The Heart of Courageous
The Story of My Father

  • Language
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Quality


h2>Mommy Bear's Christian Review of Courageous


The police engage in shootouts and fistfights with criminals, but the emphasis is on heroism, bravery, and protecting the innocent, not on glorifying violence. There is no blood or gore.

Sexual Content

A subplot tastefully deals with the subject of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the father taking responsibility for that child. There are a few sweet kisses between married couples. The film is very pro-marriage.




A tragedy motivates a team of police officers (and one civilian friend) to dedicate themselves to Jesus Christ and to becoming more loving, present, and supportive as fathers and husbands.

Pros and Cons

Thanks to generally solid performances, winning humor, surprisingly gripping action, and undeniably powerful storytelling, Courageous is arguably the best movie yet from Sherwood Pictures, the Christian film studio that brought audiences Fireproof and Facing the Giants. Like those other films, it sometimes stumbles due to an uneven tone and occasionally amateur acting, but all in all this is an inspiring and important movie that is not to be missed. It is worth noting that the film is only rated PG-13 because it features the presence of illegal drugs in the context of good police officers trying to rid the streets of them. This is not an offensive film.

Discussion Points

Fathers can have a tremendous influence, both for good and bad, on their children. Actions speak louder than words; parents must model for their children the integrity and values that they want kids to develop. There is great peace in loving and forgiving one’s enemies. Happy marriages benefit children.

Written by Jonathan Decker
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