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I’m a wife and mother of four children. After I got my business degree from BYU, I worked as an accountant for over 10 years, before we adopted our first child. I’m good at details and numbers and can get lost in spreadsheets for hours.

But I never enjoyed working for someone else. I hated that all my energy and time was going into making someone else a lot of money and that no matter how hard I worked, I would never make more than my wage and I would always have someone else telling me what to do.

After I quit my job to stay at home with my first child, I still stayed busy. I spent a lot of time remodeling our house and finding little ways to make money, like buying used DVD’s from the video store, watching them and then selling them online. I’d sometimes make a dollar or so, after the fees.

But, as an accountant, I knew if I could make one dollar, I could do that over and over and make a million. But I knew I couldn’t do it with used DVDs, because I couldn’t watch them fast enough to make sure they still worked.

So I started buying DVDs from large companies when they would have huge sales and selling them online on eBay and Amazon. I did this for several years and made a pretty good income from it. I eventually employed about 5 people, had an office and a website and this blog.

But, over time, less and less people bought DVD’s. I knew I couldn’t keep selling DVD’s forever, so started a health blog, where I talked about all sorts of health issues my family had been through. It eventually morphed in to mostly being about doTERRA essential oils. But in order to get traffic to my blog, I put a lot of healthy recipes on my blog, especially Paleo, Gluten-Free and Clean Eating recipes.

After a few years of doing both the DVD business and my blog, doTERRA said no one could have any website talking about doTERRA, so I took all my health articles off my blog. That was not a happy time.

I had to figure out what the focus of my stripped down blog was going to be. Luckily, I had a lot of recipe content that was doing well. But, I had so many different diets, that I felt it was confusing to my readers.

So I spent several months breaking up my blog and creating four separate food blogs –

My Natural FamilyPaleo recipes and natural living

Clean Eating RecipesClean eating recipes, which is basically real food with no white flour and no artificial ingredients.

Gluten Free DaddyGluten free and Keto recipes

Inspiring CooksEasy recipes

After a year or so, doTERRA said I could have a doTERRA blog, so I created Best Essential Oils.

I work hard on these blogs and I am at the point I am making a full-time income from them (while working part-time hours), but sometimes I just want to blog about something besides recipes and essential oils.

I want a place where people could get to know the real me so I started adding articles about things that interest me (besides recipes and health) to Mommy Bear Media. I love to blog about traveling with my family, gardening and plants and other fun things going on in my life.

Thanks for stopping by!

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