A List of the Correct Order of the Jesse Stone Movies

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A List of the Correct Order of the Jesse Stone MoviesWondering what the right order is to watch the Jesse Stone movies? These aired on TV in a different order than the books were written so if you want to watch them in chronological order, here’s how to do it:

If you don’t want to read all this, you can always just watch our youtube video:

Night Passage

Jesse Stone Night Passage

Quality: B Violence: B- Sexual Content: B Language: B+

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – This intense thriller series starts with setting up the journey for Jesse Stone. It is interesting to see the reaction of the arrival of the new officer to the small town and it reaction to the change.

Summary – Following his divorce and the loss of his job as a homicide detective with the LAPD, Stone travels across the country to Paradise, Massachussetts, a small, seemingly quiet New England town where he is recruited by the town’s board of selectmen to become the new Chief of Police. But things are not quite so heavenly in Paradise, as Stone starts off his first day on the job investigating a domestic abuse case that leads to money laundering scheme possibly involving bank manager Hasty Hathaway (Saul Rubinek, Unfoirgiven, The Contender), one of the men responsible for hiring Stone. Will town officials be able to stop Stone from digging too deep into their dirty secrets, or will Stone and his dedicated police be able to unearth a deadly cover-up in Night Passage?

Stone Cold

Jesse Stone Stone Cold

Quality: B- Violence: B- Sexual Content: C- Language: B+

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – This is an intense murder mystery series. It has a heavy plot. It is interesting and not boring at all. You would like this if you like mysteries.

Summary – Selleck is Jesse Stone, a former L.A. homicide detective who left behind the big city and an ex-wife to become the police chief of the quiet New England fishing town of Paradise, Massachusetts. Stone’s old habits die hard as he continues to indulge in his two favorite things – scotch and women. When a series of murders take place, he’s forced to face his own demons in order to solve the crimes.

Death in Paradise

Jesse Stone Death in Paradise

Quality: B Violence: B- Sexual Content: B+ Language: B+

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – This is the third part of the series where you get to follow Stone. This series is not short of excitement or mystery that is for sure. It is full of action and adventure just like the first two.

Summary – Settling into his role as the new Chief of Police in the town of Paradise, Massachusetts, Stone investigates the brutal murder of a troubled teenage girl found floating in a local lake. He soon discovers that she was once a straight-A student, but somehow wound up on a path of self-destruction, leading to her early demise. With hardly any clues, the case leads the former LAPD cop to the city, where the local Boston mob does not respond too kindly to him. To make matters worse, he must also deal with a case of domestic violence that ultimately turns deadly, while struggling with his ongoing alcoholism, his ex-wife and a truly disastrous love life. As Stone learns more about the girl’s unhappy past, he begins to suspect that the affluent world of Boston might be involved and increasingly becomes obsessed with the case. Persistent in his determination to bring the killer to justice, Stone will do whatever it takes to finally solve this Death In Paradise.

Sea Change

Jesse Stone Sea Change

Quality: B Violence: B- Sexual Content: B Language: B+

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – Things are changed up a little bit in this part of the series when Stone goes to solve a case that was never solved. It is nice to see a little bit of change in the plot it makes it a little more surprising and unexpected.

Summary – Finding refuge in the small town of Paradise, Chief Stone reopens an unsolved murder case, digging up clues in an old grave and pursuing the ghosts of a forgotten crime. But it’s not just the victim’s and killer’s pasts that rise to the surface – it’s his own, becoming the chilling focus of a riveting investigation that uncovers one shocking revelation after another.

Thin Ice

Jesse Stone Thin Ice

Quality: B- Violence: B Sexual Content: B- Language: A-

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – Thin Ice is not what you would expect at all the put a twist on it again. This makes it intriguing. Through out Thin Ice you are on your feet wondering what is going to happen next and if Stone will get back on his feet or not.

Summary -Stone is shot while moonlighting on a Boston stakeout, leaving his friend fighting for his life and Stone out for justice. His rogue investigation to find the shooter leads him into Boston’s shady underworld… and into bed with a sexy Boston PD investigator (Leslie Hope, TV’s 24< /em>), who wants his head on a platter if he pursues the case. Meanwhile, Stone is approached by a broken-hearted mother (Camryn Manheim, TV’s The Practice) who is convinced her kidnapped son is still alive and living in Stone’s town of Paradise. Soon Stone’s career and his life are on the line as he races toward a twist ending you’ll never see coming.

No Remorse

Jesse Stone No Remorse

Quality: B- Violence: B- Sexual Content: B Language: A-

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – In all of the parts of the series Tom Selleck is an excellent actor he makes the whole series interesting and believable. He is the heart of the show and would not be the same without him.

Summary – Tom Selleck reprises his role as Jesse Stone, The Anguished and relentless former police chief in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts, while in self-imposed seclusion following his suspicion from the Paradise Police Force, a mysterious series of related murders in nearby Boston draws Stone back into the fold, before long, he’s following a crooked path that lead to none other than the city’s most notorious crime boss, Gino Fish (William Sadler).

Innocents Lost

Jesse Stone Innocents Lost

Quality: B Violence: B- Sexual Content: B Language: B+

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – One of the most recent parts of the series something very personal happens with Stone. This twist adds more intensity to the series. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the series since it is more personal and touching.

Summary – Tom Selleck returns as Paradise’s anguished former Chief of Police, Jesse Stone, in his most gripping mystery yet. Cindy Van Aldan was like a daughter to Jesse. Now she’s dead. Although all signs point to a suicidal drug overdose-a checkered history riddled with addiction, associations with homicidal mobsters and an involvement in prostitution-Jesse knows his friend better than that. This time it’s personal, and Jesse will stop at nothing to avenge the lost innocence and subsequent death of the young girl he once mentored.

Benefit of the Doubt

Jesse Stone Benefit of the Doubt

Quality: B Violence: B Sexual Content: B Language: A-

Summary – Jesse finds himself struggling to get his job back as the Paradise police chief, and he is forced to rely on his cop intuition to sort through a maze of misleading clues and hidden meanings as he attempts to solve a shocking and horrifying mob related double homicide.


Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise


Quality: B+ Violence: B+ Sexual Content: B+ Language: B+

Mommy Bear’s Family Movie Review – “Lost in Paradise” follows in the same tradition as all of the other Jesse Stone movies. Involves a fairly easy solvable mystery. Which is refreshing sometimes. I was glad that the movie acknowledged the period of time (2 years) between this and the last movie. A considerable amount of change, some good and some bad, has happened to Jesse in the last 2 years.

Summary – Paradise police chief Jesse Stone takes some well-deserved vacation time and chooses to spend it in Boston, where the Assistant State Homicide Commander, Lieutenant Sydney Greenstreet, aware of his previous experience as an LA Homicide detective, has sought his expertise in evaluating a packet of cold case murders. His cop-ly intuition leads him to a case that has already been closed, but when something about it catches his eye, it sets him off on an investigation filled with surprises, unlikely suspects and grave danger.

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    • Donna says

      You can pick up most of them at the Library. I decided to watch them all again from the beginning and the Maricopa Library had them all. Thanks for posting the series order

  1. says

    I have all the Jesse Stone movies. It does't get much better than Tom Selleck. My daughter is a fan too, so there is a beyond generational love going on here.

  2. says

    Why no mention of his dogs? I’va watched the movies out of order and always wondered what happened to Boomer. And if he gave Reggie to Candice, who is the dog in the later movies?

    • Edie says

      Boomer was sick/dying and Jesse had the pediatrician/ME put him down in 1st or 2nd movie, it was very sad and touching moment, Reggies owner was the guy who was killed by the crazy couple so Jesse kept him as a material witness but he basically was Jesse’s dog and while Jesse did say he was giving Reggie to Candice it never really happened, not sure why, there wasnt anything said/shown about it, my opinion is that knowing the crazies were watching him with Candice, he did it as part of the setup where he had Candice and her folks make that recording of their convo about her keeping the dog, but its Reggie in the rest of the movies, Rose was the blonde cop in the last few movies, never a dog. By the end of Benefit of doubt Jesse was able to show Reggie affection and he even would get on the bed/couch with him. Ive not read the books so dont know what was said in them about Reggie, he did look like a golden retriever but also a irish setter couldve been a mix of the 2 breeds because his coloring wasnt really the gold/yellow or the redish but looked to me a combo of the 2 colors. Could be wrong but thats how I see it. Big Jesse Stone fan have seen them all multi times, and huge Tom Selleck fan, pretty much seen everything hes made 🙂

  3. Pat Kennedy says

    Why no mention of his dogs? I'va watched the movies out of order and always wondered what happened to Boomer. And if he gave Reggie to Candice, who is the dog in the later movies?

    • says

      Last time I heard CBS didn’t want to make another one cause they are expensive to make, even though they always seem to do well but Tom Selleck said he wants to continue doing them so it’s hard to say. Follow us and we’ll let you know if/when they have another!

  4. Brenda Karla Portugal says

    the order of Jesse Stone is wrong and skipped some here are in chronological order:
    By Robert B. Parker:
    Night Passage (September 1997) ISBN 978-0-399-14304-5.
    Trouble in Paradise (September 1998) ISBN 978-0-399-14433-2.
    Death in Paradise (October 2001) ISBN 978-0-399-14779-1.
    Stone Cold (October 2003) ISBN 978-0-399-15087-6.
    Sea Change (February 2006) ISBN 978-0-399-15267-2.
    High Profile (February 2007) ISBN 978-0-399-15404-1.
    Stranger In Paradise (February 2008) ISBN 978-0-399-15460-7.
    Night and Day (February 2009) ISBN 978-0-399-15541-3.
    Split Image (February 2010) ISBN 978-0-399-15623-6.

    • Mike Ricks says

      The order is wrong, but, this list is also incorrect. This is the order and dates the novels by Robert Parker were published. The movies started with Stone Cold with Night Passage being produced as a prequel So the correct order is:

      Stone Cold
      Night Passage
      Death In Paradise
      Sea Change
      Thin Ice
      No Remorse
      Innocents Lost
      Benefit of the Doubt

      • Steve Bobrick says

        If you want to see them in order, the above list is correct except for the top two. Night Passage is the first film of the series, then Stone Cold.

    • Barbara Novick says

      This list is in the WRONG order. Just type Jesse Stone Movies into any browser and you’ll see the right order. I own all 9 of them and really want MORE. Last one was released in January 2016

  5. Brenda Karla Portugal says

    the golden retriever's name is Rose I think Boomer died have no idea what happen to Reggie …

  6. Pauline Dickeson says

    Sue Caldwell lucky you we can only get four cant get the others we have to have multy region or region two so its keep looking for us.

  7. Pauline Dickeson says

    many thanks for that at the moment we can only get four of the region
    two so its still looking for us your information did help us a lot .

  8. John Fitzgerald says

    The first list is correct as we are only referencing the movies. There were no movies made from the additional entries you have added.

  9. Paula Allan says

    Not only was Mr. Selleck excellent in these movies, what about the rest of the cast. In my opinion everyone of them was perfectly suited to the roles they played. Excellent Excellent entertainment.

  10. Cliff Schoonmaker says

    I'm a fan of Spencer, Randall and Jesse Stone books. Don't relish all of the other Parker books.

  11. Bonnie Barnhart says

    My husband and I absolutely love the Jesse Stone series. Tom Selleck and the rest of the actors have done an incredible job with their chacrators. We have repeatly searched for more episodes. We hope that they will continue.

  12. Kath Wilmott says

    We didn’t know the Jesse Stone Movies were so enthralling! Only seen three on television, but eagerly await more. Brilliant stuff.

  13. GwenEllyn says

    Really appreciate the order. As you said, they aren’t shown in order. Oh, I think you mean his “suspension” not his suspicion in No Remorse. 😉

  14. Jacky Hailstone says

    I too love the Jesse Stone movies, am also working my way through the books. All the books written by Robert B Parker have been made into movies. There are three other books written by Michael Brandon in the Jesse Stone series so maybe they will follow up and do films with them.

  15. vi frisby says

    Have really enjoyed watching the 3 Jesse Stone films on TV but I would love to see the rest but hear they are not making any more, what a shame .Tom Sellick is fantastic I believe he directed some of these films. I know that Thin Ice is on british TV on 5USA Saturday 12th July 2014 so I am taping that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us see more.

    • says

      Benefit of the Doubt is the last one. CBS said they aren’t going to do more but I’ve read of rumors of Tom Selleck trying to get other networks to do them but I don’t think it will be anytime soon, which is too bad.

    • Steve Bobrick says

      This is just an assumption, of course…I wouldn’t think Tom Selleck will be filming any Jesse Stone films for the forseeable future since he’s doing Blue Bloods. But, you never know.

  16. Nathan says

    Are you sure that is the correct order, because Stone Cold came out in 2005 whereas Night Passage came out in 2006.

  17. Nathan says

    Or did Stone Cold come out first and Night Passage is the prequel, so you need to start with Night Passage? lol

  18. James S. Price says

    Tom Selleck is without a doubt the best, not only in the Jesse Stone series but in the Westerns that he stars in..

  19. Bob Schultz says

    I think that Tom Selleck as Jessie Stone is awesome. I hope that some network can come to their senses and make more of the Jessie Stone series ,because he really plays the part and it would be a big mistake not to continue the series.

  20. Don Hanson says

    Love the Jessie Stone movies and books…. enjoy Tom Selleck in Blue bloods but still hope he produces more jessie stone movies. selleck is a great everyman hero actor like clint eastwood hope to see more of his great work soon . hard to believe hes turning 70 happy birthday Tom.

  21. terry says

    I highly recommend and encourage all to read the novels..The movies are superb but so are the novels.. if you are into westerns at all Tom Selleck is among the best cowboys to ride the screen.
    Also all of Parkers cowboy characters are excellent and currently being continued by writers Parker and his wife authorized before his passing to continue them.
    Watch Appaloosa with Ed Harris Viggo Mortensen and Renee Zellweger ..Excellent.

  22. Kari Satre says

    The books Night Passage and Death in Paradise were published before Stone Cold. Is it still logical to watch the movie Stone Cold second instead of third?

  23. Libby says

    My son just sent me 8 of these movies; I can’t wait to start watching them. Sure hope they make more – I heard Tom recently say in an interview they were working on another so I’ll be finished with these and waiting!! Wouldn’t be the same without him!

  24. Linda says

    Ok , now I am totally confused. I am trying to find the right order to watch the Jesse Stone movies . I have searched over and over and over . They all say something different . One says Stone Cold is first and others say Night Passage is first . I am ready to scream ! Does anyone really know ? I guess I will go with Stone Cold first . I would really like to know the true order , I guess I will have to watch the series and hope it is right . Thank you all in advance for any feedback that you can give me . It looks like no one has been on this site since last year , so maybe no one will even see my post .

    • says

      The reason why it is confusing is because Stone Cold came out before Night Passage but chronologically in the story Night Passage happened before Stone Cold. So if you are looking for the correct order chronologically than watch Night Passage first. If you want to watch in order they were produced then watch Stone Cold first.

      The best comparison I can give is if you have seen Monsters Inc. it came out way before Monsters University but it is their lives post college and the later one is going back in time to while they were in college. Like a recall. Do that make sense? I hope this was helpful.

    • Barbara Novick says

      Just type Jessie Stone movies in correct sequence in any browser, and you’ll get the right order. Night passages is first, and the newest one (No. 9) came out in January 2016,

  25. Tibor R. Machan says

    Since I have been a Robert Parker fan for years, following all the Spenser, Jesse Stone, and other books, I cannot recall now whether I have missed some. I think not but I’d like to find a full list of them all to check.

  26. Timmy says

    I love the Jesse Stone series because Tom Selleck plays the role so believably. I watch them every time Hallmark airs them. I never tire of watching a great actor play a great role.
    Tom Selleck might be 70 but he doesn’t look it nor does he move like it. I think he should have been offered the role of Reacher. He has the size, height, voice, and screen attitude of Reacher. The other Tom isn’t anywhere near 6’4″ and anyone who has listened to the audio stories of Reacher knows he is around 6’4″. The other Tom doesn’t have the voice of Reacher, either. Hey Hollywood, it isn’t too late to make things right with the role of Reacher! Just a thought.

  27. Robert Seawell says

    One of the best series ever on tv. Please keep us lowly air antennas viewers up
    to date when and how to view new series.
    Thank you

  28. Harriet Holt says

    I love all of the Jesse Stone Series. I wish they were on
    TV with out commericals. because that beaks of the movie. There good in no matter what order you watch them in.

  29. Sam Winchester says

    Tom Selleck is great at the protrail of Hesse Stone. Working a great cast, he brings a believable character to life. These movies are a hot to watch over and over again. Can hardly wait till the next installment. Thank you for your work, Mr. Selleck over the years!! 🙂

  30. Sam Winchester says

    Tom Selleck is great at the protrail of Jesse Stone. Working with a great cast, he brings a believable character to life. These movies are a joy to watch over and over again. Can hardly wait till the next installment. Thank you for your work, Mr. Selleck over the years!! 🙂

  31. Chris Carrelli says

    Is it true that there is another Jesse Stone coming out in 2016?!!!
    I hear “Lost in Paradise” is the title.

  32. Barbara Novick says

    Someone has just GOT TO make more Jesse Stone movies. I bought the first 8 DVDs in a series as a package from Amazon and the latest one (which was full price – the package was a great deal!) just arrived last week.


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